New Interscope Site Design Is A Win That Reminds Us Of Major Labels’ Fail

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New Interscope Site Design Is A Win That Reminds Us Of Major Labels’ Fail

This week Interscope Geffen A&M introduced a redesigned website with a contemporary look and a pleasant browsing experience organized around social media streams. Though the site draws on a design style now tied to Pinterest, it makes smart use of artist-generated media and a focus on the eternal present for a fresh take.

The new design is a positive response to the current landscape but it also points to major labels’ failure to become the top source of artist information on the web.’s new look is a complete site redesign by AUTUMN:01 featuring streams of content drawing heavily on Twitter, YouTube and Spotify. Browsable sections are organized by artists, labels and stores with special sections promoting Beats By Dre and a download of the week.

Individual artist pages would seem to be the big draw with Twitter as the primary filter for almost everything from “Social” to video to photos. Facebook does appear periodically and YouTube and Spotify are noticeable as branded sources of artist content.

The overall effect is enjoyable and draws on real-time updates of information that could draw on additional sources in the future including promotional placements:

“All of the content is generated in real-time through cloud APIs. Arktan, a curation service that aggregates real-time social data from social networks, provides the social activity for each artist and brand. That data, alongside other real-time feeds from Interscope‚Äôs merchandise and brand partners (e.g. Bravado), is injected into Echo StreamServer, a real-time activity database that captures, storing and broadcasting social activity data across the Web.”

Lee Hammond, VP of Digital for Interscope Geffen A&M notes:

“When our social media manager posts content to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, that content will instantly flow into the Featured content on our home page…The real-time, social infrastructure from Echo and Arktan provides Interscope with a very flexible framework to promote everything that a record label needs to promote, while keeping content fresh for the visitor.”

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