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Peter Hook Launches Music Industry Degree

No Comments 26 June 2012

Peter Hook Launches Music Industry Degree

Peter Hook, a member of critically-acclaimed bands Joy Division and New Order, is launching a music industry degree. The University of Central Lancashire is partnering the bass guitarist and other music industry figures in a degree in music management and promotion. The masters degree will combine music, academic and business experience.

“What I’ve learned is that life is a balance between idealism and realism,” says Mr Hook. “One of the great things about education is that it should stop you making mistakes - and I have made a lot of mistakes,” says Mr Hook. As a mentor to students, he wants them to benefit from his own experience of how not to manage the business - with record labels and night clubs, such as Factory and the Hacienda. “The way that Factory worked, it was full of very creative people who never looked after business - and that’s why all those businesses crashed. “They were based on very idealistic ideas, very creative, very naive. “They only rumbled on because Joy Division and New Order’s success paid for all our mistakes. “In Factory and the Hacienda - and in many ways in New Order and Joy Division - we never really looked after business.”

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