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Post Videos On Your Website

No Comments 7 October 2013

Post Videos On Your Website

It’s no secret that video is one of the most popular content formats online. So a great way to keep fans on your website is by embedding videos on your site. In fact, Bandzoogle’s Dave Cool proposes that videos are important enough to have their own page on the main menu of your website.

From Bandzoogle’s blog:

However, many musician websites either don’t have a Videos page, or simply send people away to YouTube. Having a “Videos” section on your site with embedded videos allows you to curate which videos people see. With YouTube, there might be hundreds of live videos filmed by fans that might not be the greatest quality. Embedding videos on your site allows you to control the video content that visitors will see so you can put your best foot forward.

And remember, once you send someone away to YouTube, you’ve lost them from your website, and you’ve sent them away to a site that is filled with distractions. YouTube is a noisy site with tons of ads and lots of other unrelated videos to watch (cats videos anyone?). In today’s music industry, a fan’s attention is the most precious and scarce commodity. Don’t waste it!

Click on the link below for some tips for setting up a Videos page on your website…

Author: Dave Cool, Bandzoogle

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