Productivity Secrets CEOs Can Learn From Indie Artists

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Productivity Secrets CEOs Can Learn From Indie Artists

What can business professionals learn from the productivity habits of a highly successful indie artist? How can creatives use time management habits to improve their art and grow their fan base?

You can imagine my surprise when singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata emailed me while she was on tour in Sweden. She had just finished listening to the audio version of my book 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management and told me, “It’s transformed my effectiveness over many months.”

While I believe productivity habits can indeed help anyone, my book was targeted to entrepreneurs and executives. I’m not used to hearing from creatives, so when I found out Yamagata would be stopping in my hometown of Philadelphia while on tour to promote her new album, I jumped at the chance to interview her to learn more about her productivity habits as an indie artist.

I was curious as to why artists need to be concerned about productivity anyway. Most of us probably have a stereotypical image in our heads of songwriters just sitting around in cafés or smoke-filled bars waiting for inspiration to strike, pen at the ready to record their poetic thoughts.

Yamagata explained that more than ever before, artists are foregoing traditional labels and management in order to take more control over their career, their art, and to have a more direct connection with their fans. She described the business side of being an indie music artist and all the puzzle pieces that she needed to put in place over the preceding two years:

“I ran two Pledge campaigns, where fans preorder your record as a way to help finance it-there’s all the contacts, updating orders, and shipping. There’s recording the music which involves the producer, the studio, the musicians and scheduling all these things. Then there are distribution deals and publishing rights. For the tour, you have an agent, contracts with every venue, promotion with every venue, a tour manager, press agents and radio visits…”

By: Kevin Kruse

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