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Review: 3 Kisses, “Cardboard Cutouts”

1 Comment 11 January 2015

Review: 3 Kisses, “Cardboard Cutouts”

“Once again, frontwoman Tish Meeks delivers a super fresh and clean vocal performance that has become one of the defining strengths of this band’s arsenal of sound.”

Artist: 3 Kisses

Album: Cardboard Cutouts

Genre: Power Punk/Alternative Pop

RIYL: Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar

3 Kisses Cardboard Cutouts

There’s something about a band of musicians with longevity. A couple of years ago, we caught up with 3 Kisses and their spectacularly fun and thought-provoking brand of power punk with their last release, All of Nothing Hero. Once again, frontwoman Tish Meeks delivers a super fresh and clean vocal performance that has become one of the defining strengths of this band’s arsenal of sound.

As mentioned, the obvious “X” factor is front and center with every track on this new release, Cardboard Cutouts. As a vocalist, Tish Meeks possesses a crisp, clear and unfettered tone that’s tailor made for rock; she has strength, grit, range and a wonderful ability to emote even through some incredibly quick and tongue-tying lyrics. This in itself would be enough to set this record up for success. But Meeks also boasts an incredibly savvy songwriting style that is energetic, interesting and lyrically-engaging. It’s no surprise that 3 Kisses tunes experience licensing success.

“Master of No One” comes leaping out of the speakers and sets the tone early, jumping right into power punk pop fans have come to expect from the band. “They Sell Them Cheap,” however, is an earworm that just grabs you right in the gut and never lets go. It’s a no-brainer as a potential single, displaying great energy wrapped up in a catchy package. “Love is a Grave” is a heavy-hitting, dark thrill ride of a tune that actually reminded me more of Bad Religion than anything else. It’s all in the amped-up harmonies, the movement of the melody and the delivery.

“End of Time” and “Better Luck Next Time” find Tish at the top of her game vocally; these are just commanding vocal performances operating on another level. Her top range combined with driving guitar riffs and drums is pretty powerful stuff. “Over and Out” continues to capitalize on the high-energy style, but it’s the aptly titled album closer “Slow Down” that might provide the biggest surprise on the record. The vulnerability of Meeks’ vocals and use of her lower register is a great choice; and it’s something I’d love to hear more of as it provides a different glimpse at a sometimes seemingly indestructible frontwoman. The vibe builds more on quiet strength and that’s highly relatable and satisfying as a listener.

With the release of Cardboard Cutouts, Tish Meeks and 3 Kisses have taken all the parts of what’s been successful on previous efforts and managed to amp them up another notch. This is a cohesive, balanced and incredibly entertaining album full of dynamic songs. In many ways, this band is a throwback to 90s power punk bands that put a premium on clever lyrics hidden behind a kickass melody. It’s powerful, fun and plays to the crowd of music fans that want a little more bite with their bark. A great start to a new year in an already prolific music career.

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  1. belajar gitar says:

    i’dont who is 3kiss, but after i see in this post i feel love with 3kiss, thanks for your review smile

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