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Review: Jet Black Sunrise, “Capture”

No Comments 4 June 2013

Review: Jet Black Sunrise, “Capture”

“Jet Black Sunrise have pieced together an EP that showcases the type of music that influences them and that they love to perform.”

Artist: Jet Black Sunrise

Album: Capture

Genre: Rock/Pop

RIYL: 90s pop rock (Semisonic, Goo Goo Dolls, Buffalo Tom)

Jet Black Sunrise - Capture

With a name like Jet Black Sunrise, I expected to hear power metal or some seriously annoying angsty ballads pop through my speakers as I queued up their new five song EP, Capture. Instead, my ears were greeted with feel-good pop rock that quickly dismissed any notion that I’d have to check out depression meds anytime soon. This Boston-based band makes unapologetically catchy songs that employ a charming mix of syncopated rhythms, vocal harmonies, the occasional piano accompaniment and power chords.

Opening track “Can’t Wait to Start” is a delightful introduction to music that borrows as much from 90s-era pop rock (think of a hybrid between Buffalo Tom and Semisonic, which don’t go together at all, but somehow find themselves in step with each other here) as it does adult-contemporary. “321” is straightforward power pop, an unabashed and catchy homage of the same timeframe reminiscent of Goo Goo Dolls (without the conventional dramatics). The vocal breakdown hits nicely and shows a more complex vocal arrangement. “Across This Country” catches a groove that hangs easily in the pocket and shows off a looser attitude. The piano work here gives this the added flavor that I was listening for and is definitely a highlight I hope they continue to play with on future material.

“Skyscrapers” is a definite departure from the previous three songs stylistically - synthesizers and an uptempo beat with layered vocals - but finds the band stretching themselves out of the comfortable confines of more straightforward pop writing. “County Jail,” however, is a quick blast of Americana roots rock that feels good, but steps out of focus with the rest of the work presented.

Despite this, Jet Black Sunrise have pieced together an EP that showcases the type of music that influences them and that they love to perform. This record shows potential and boasts some great moments sonically. What it also shows is a flair for producing music that will move fans to feel good and enjoy themselves. This is unapologetic in its approach and performed with conviction, and a pleasant departure for the ears. 

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