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Review: Luna Achiary, “More Human Than God”

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Review: Luna Achiary, “More Human Than God”

More Human Than God has a rock opera feel, with emotional highs and lows created with the lyrics and big arrangements with a lot of dynamics.”

Artist: Luna Achiary

Album: More Human Than God

Genre: Progressive Rock

RIYL: Laura Marling, Tori Amos, Laurie Anderson

Luna Achiary More Human Than God

Luna Achiary isn’t your standard pop/rock songstress. Her songs have unusual melodic changes and don’t always follow a common verse/chorus format. They are intensely personal, yet touch on universal themes. Her free-form verse tracks the progress of relationships – to one person, and also to the world. On More Human Than God, Luna sings and plays guitar and keyboards. Her band offers drums, bass and more.
It starts with “Mistress,” about someone who gave her guidance and now, she needs to let go. We don’t know if this is an actual person or a spiritual being. Like most of the release, it has a big sound with a full band. “Obsession” is fast and dark, with a chunky guitar accenting some of the lyrics. There’s optimism in “Light Side of the Moon,” a ballad built around a captivating fingerpicked guitar. “You will see through the light side of the moon / she will show you another world and will solve your sadness soon,” she coos.

The lightness doesn’t last long, though, and in “First Love” she switches gears with, “You cannot taste a ripened fruit without a violent bite.” It increases to a frantic feel, drums beating fast, her emotional vocals matching the sensation, then drops and ends with a simple guitar and voice. There’s a dream-like feel in “Friends,” where she acknowledges deceit, yet still welcomes a relationship. “Against the Wind” starts with a military-sounding snare that fits, yet seems incongruent with the finger-picked guitar and that’s just what this song is about – trying to persevere, even against the wind.

In “Go Further,” she investigates getting deeper into a relationship and in “Guilty,” she’s wondering if she did anything wrong. “Breathe” and “Under the Leaf” are more contemplative lyrically. The latter has a beautiful bowed bass solo and lovely flute. “La Genesi” is a cool world beat instrumental with a percussive flute. “I Need More Time” has some great full-sounding backing vocals that act as a hook and sometimes, as an answer to the lyrics. It ends on a positive note with the title cut, and the knowledge that she can enjoy what she has now.
More Human Than God has a rock opera feel, with emotional highs and lows created with the lyrics and big arrangements with a lot of dynamics. The words could’ve had more poetry or more of a story, though. I found them to be too vague at times. That said, the production on More Human Than God is great, with a balanced tone and something that felt polished and live.

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