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Review: NoRey, “Untie Your Arms”

No Comments 9 March 2014

Review: NoRey, “Untie Your Arms”

“The songs of Untie Your Arms are filled with detailed expression and observations on life and individuals and emotions.”

Artist: NoRey

Album: Untie Your Arms

Genre: Acoustic Rock / World Folk

RIYL: Los Lobos, Manu Chao

NoRey Untie Your Arms

Five-piece, Seattle-based band No Rey have recently released a new album entitled Untie Your Arms. Twelve tracks encompass this release, and start to finish Untie Your Arms is a very good listen.

Hailing from the U.S., Columbia and the UK, No Rey bear a melting pot of influences and personalities on display and it comes through in their music.

Fans of Folk Rock, Roots Rock, Adult Alternative and even World Music would do well to check out this album. Vocalist/guitarist Alejandro Garcia is a fascinating listen as his accent pours through each song as much as his emotion does. Garcia at no point and time overdoes the emotion. In fact, his restrained but haunting style works quite well amongst the musical backdrop. 

Highlights on the album include tracks “How’s It All” with it’s dark but sweet melodies, “Rumors,” “Untie Your Arms,” the mellow vibes of “Blue Horse” and the mid-tempo “You Keep Running.” The lead guitar work from Nick Nanry is very well-suited to these songs with hanging, reverb notes and ultra-tasteful lead lines mixing in Blues, Country and Roots Rock. 

“Rumors” is one bad-ass tune. Jaunty acoustic strumming, impassioned vocals, lively drumming and grooving bass lines along with the well-written lyrics and scorching lead guitar make this tune one of the best things this reviewer has heard in the last year. Garcia’s accent adds to the dark shadings and mystery of the tune. Check out the video clip at the band’s website to see a performance of this high quality song.  

Female vocalist Vicky Bowes offers some nice harmonizing and background vocal work and the rhythm section of bassist Dave Swallow and drummer Mike (brothers I assume) never settle for being mundane especially regarding the drumming which is quite creative without being too much particularly on songs like “Red Spotted Skies” and “Dream With Me” with the latter featuring some military snare-styled drum patterns.

No Rey work together as a band and that lends to some very cohesive recordings. The songs of Untie Your Arms are filled with detailed expression and observations on life and individuals and emotions.

If one enjoys music from artists like Los Lobos, Leonard Cohen, Dave Matthews Band, Rusted Root, with maybe a dash of The Frames or even Gordon Lightfoot this is a good place to be. Most important though is this fact - No Rey are their own band with their own sound and it’s highly worthy of investigating.

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