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Review: Radio Days, “Radio Days”

1 Comment 4 May 2014

Review: Radio Days, “Radio Days”

“This rather cool-on-the-exterior foursome is an interesting blend of synth pop and modern power pop that sounds polished and full of promise.”

Artist: Radio Days

EP: Radio Days

Genre: Electro-Pop

RIYL: Coldplay, Foals, Chvrches, Stereophonics

Radio Days

Because I don’t read Dutch, I don’t know much about Holland’s Radio Days. What I do know is that when the drummer sends you an intriguing email with six new tracks attached and sells his band succinctly in a few short sentences, sometimes one listen is all you need to know. The truth is, I prefer to let the music do the talking, and what Radio Days is saying with this 22-minute, six-song collection is enough to reel me in for a few spins.

This rather cool-on-the-exterior foursome - comprised of Jurgen van der Voet (vocals/guitar), Peter van den Burg (synth/vocals), Ruben ten Hove (guitar/vocals) and the aforementioned Ruben Jason Penders (drums/beats) - is an interesting blend of synth pop and modern power pop that sounds polished and full of promise. In fact, the amount of polish is surprising given the fact this group is just over a year old, formed in March 2013.

“I’ve Got My Ways On Saturdays” feels like classic atmospheric Britpop, with a wink and nod to match a precise, pulsating beat. But it’s the infectious “On Your Mind” and “Girl Parts” that lift this debut EP straight off the ground and into the stratosphere. This is electro-pop that not only moves effortlessly with the beat, but truly does possess an emotional pulse. In fact, the lyricism is what stands out, along with lead vocals that exhibit warmth as a wonderful contrast to the electro nature of the material.

I have to admit that I didn’t really hear the comparisons I read specific to a Kings of Leon reference…until the bonus track, a live rendition of “Take You Home,” pumped through the speakers. This type of vulnerable, more raw vocal approach was definitely unexpected but not unwelcome. In fact, I’d love to hear Radio Days explore this sound and stretch the boundaries of their electro tendencies even further out. I hear a lot more than catchy pop underneath the beats, and that is an exciting proposition. Radio Days is a captivating quartet that undoubtedly has a few more tricks up their collective sleeves in the future. For now, I’ll just hit repeat again and enjoy bouncing along to the beat.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    They are just awesome! :D

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