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Review: The Sheens, “163 EP”

No Comments 3 August 2014

Review: The Sheens, “163 EP”

“The Sheens have that indefinable thing that basically just equates to one part magic, one part honesty, one part no-fuss no-muss rock.”

Artist: The Sheens

EP: 163 EP

Genre: Rock / Punk

RIYL: Patti Smith, Blondie, The Walkmen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Sheens 163 EP

There’s so much power in simplicity. The Sheens are a high energy, raw-powered quartet from NYC that bears a strong resemblance to 60s and 70s era pop punk bands of yesteryear. But that rawness is harnessed into catchy, hook-driven power pop led by frontwoman Cat ShinySheen. Her charismatic but cool delivery is counterbalanced perfectly with the solid contributions of Juan Gallego on bass, Ryan Sanzari on drums, and Luke Martin DeSiervo on guitar. It’s a classic style lineup, and here on the 163 EP it really works.

What’s most interesting about The Sheens’ material is a point that some power punk/pop bands seem to miss - the song structure is solid, based on pure musicianship, and that allows for the members to play with their delivery even more boldly. If the structure isn’t there, no amount of charisma will save them. These songs are carefully crafted, but that doesn’t make them any less fun or raw.

“Dynamite” sets the standard for the EP, clocking in at just over 3:30 but still taking its time to build and swell as we’re introduced to The Sheens for the first time. “Do You Love Me?” then foot stomps straight to business, employing a simple and alarmingly catchy chorus and showing off more of that biting but beautifully performed versatility that our leading lady possesses. “Broken Pieces” is another strong showing that shows off the band’s knack for writing and performing songs that make you move and want to sing along. But it’s the short but sweet “Hey Little Something” that stands out for me, and had me hitting repeat over and over again. It’s just a great song, and made me want to hear so much more.

The Sheens have that indefinable thing that basically just equates to one part magic, one part honesty, one part no-fuss no-muss rock. There’s a palpable energy and dynamic quality to all the songs on the 163 EP. There exists a fine line between putting in the work on song arrangement and structure and sounding too polished as a punk band. But The Sheens manage to pull off exactly that. What an interesting and unique musical find.

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