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Review: We Were Astronauts, “Artificial Light”

No Comments 5 October 2014

Review: We Were Astronauts, “Artificial Light”

Artificial Light feels like a launching point for this band, and if everyone had such solid footing to leap from they’d be lucky.”

Artist: We Were Astronauts

EP: Artificial Light

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Kings of Leon, Augustana, NEEDTOBREATHE, Aerosmith

We Were Astronauts

There’s something to be said for a rock band that just, well, rocks. Boston-based We Were Astronauts employs a simple formula that allows them to do just that. Antonio Casasanta (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Corrigan (guitar, vocals), Chris Rando (bass, vocals) and Steve Paddock (drums) embody a clean, focused and incredibly tight sound that may feel reminiscent of Kings of Leon or Augustana.

At its best, it’s uncomplicated and reads a little bit raw; and you’d be hard-pressed to actually find a flaw with their new EP, Artificial Light. Opening track “Golden” is radio-ready and a massively appealing tune that just makes you tap your feet and reach for the volume knob. Best played loud and on repeat. “I Wanna Know” continues the super clean production and even more expertly executed guitar and vocal lines. And those vocals; with a trio of lead/backup vocalists, there’s a depth and versatility that allows the hooks and melodies to shine.

“Music City” feels like a throwback single; and in fact, probably best exemplifies the band’s sound. While there are definite modern influences at work, there’s also an uncanny resemblance to the vocal quality of Steven Tyler, both here and on “Hollywood.” And the big guitar, and classic style of both tunes are also reminiscent of a melodic rock band like Aerosmith. They’re not quite there yet, but this quartet has the potential to play past the safe zone they’re in with this EP and experiment with an edgier sound that allows them to take more risks.

We Were Astronauts is an interesting band from a potential perspective; Artificial Light is a solid, radio-ready offering. But you can’t help but feel like they’re still holding back a little bit. The pieces are all there, so it remains to be seen if they can burst through the expectations of being just another modern rock band to push for more. There are flashes of brilliance within the songs here, but nothing feels all that unexpected. It’s just all executed extremely well. Artificial Light feels like a launching point for this band, and if everyone had such solid footing to leap from they’d be lucky.

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