Rumpus Music App For iPad

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Rumpus Music App For iPad

Livewire Mobile, the one-stop digital content solutions provider for carriers, consumer device manufacturers, media companies, and consumers has made its music navigation and discovery app, Rumpus Music, available on the iPad.

Using multiple data sources to enhance its discovery technology for music, the app allows music fans to navigate their way through the tunes and artists they love and to re-connect with old favorites.

The app, which sells for $1.99 on Apple’s App Store, plugs directly into iTunes and gives iPad users the chance to immerse themselves in the music relationships and interactions that have made Rumpus popular on Android smartphones and tablets.

The genius behind Rumpus is the unique way the millions of tracks and artists available on iTunes have been connected, so that users can join the dots between all the relationships and information that make music discovery so addictive.

The app then gives you a way of smart bookmarking your music discoveries, leaving a breadcrumb trail that enables you to re-trace your steps when you go back, so you never lose touch with your musical discoveries.

The user is steered through an easy and intuitive journey, seeing what other music was produced by a favorite artist, or how a tune or artist influenced others or was influenced by particular music.

It then hooks together the music, videos, biographical information and imagery so the music fan can immerse themselves in the navigation and discovery experience.

Matthew Stecker, CEO of Livewire Mobile, said: “Rumpus has been getting a great deal of positive attention from the music industry – from artists, labels and our customers – and we are thrilled it’s now been made available on the iPad.

“We’ve taken the best of the Rumpus for Android components and made them better specifically for iOS and we are looking forward to seeing the reaction of music lovers to the new app.

“Rumpus Music gives music fans an interactive and simple way of navigating through the complex world of music and makes it easy for them to go back and enjoy that music again in the future. So many music discovery experiences are transient and forgotten – Rumpus Music gives users the chance to go deeper and make it a key part of their music life.”

Mr Stecker said: “The app works perfectly, pulling together the data from many of the major music industry players behind the scenes so that we can seamlessly show music fans what links together artists, tunes and the musical inspirations behind them.”

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