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Seriously, How Do I Make a Living Off My Music?

1 Comment 13 January 2014

Seriously, How Do I Make a Living Off My Music?

Grassrootsy‘s Joy Ike writes: Last week I received an email from a singer-songwriter who asked me a question I get asked alot. The following day I had coffee with another artist who’s sole purpose for meeting up was to ask me the same exact question: How Do You Make a Living Off of Music?

From the blog:

I don’t mind answering the same question over and over again. In fact, I love talking about this stuff. It’s literally the only reason why Grassrootsy exists. But I was starting to feel like a broken record last week, so for today’s blog I thought I’d copy/paste (verbatim and with a bit of expounding) the email I sent to this person.

Like I said, I get this question ALOT! More often than any other question I’ve ever been asked on (or off) this blog. My deepest hope is that this will help all our readers and that everyone out there will understand how much stuff is actually happening behind the scenes and over the course of time. So in the spirit of full disclosure, this is how I, Joy Ike, make a living off of music. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Joy Ike, Grassrootsy

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  1. Terrance says:

    Much of making a living in the music business has to do with keeping expenses very low. Ask yourself, do you drive a nice car like many other people or buy a decent and cheap car for cash, and have basic insurance. Do you rent an apartment, or keep your stuff at your parent’s as long as possible (or live with roommates), while touring? Are you willing to sleep in a station wagon, and go to a local gym to work out and shower in the morning?

    Then theirs the other side of things.. are you booked with solid paying gigs along the way? Willing to play cover gigs? Can you record cheaply, with quality? Any other sources of income that can be earned while on the road (speaking engagements, video blogging, or other creative methods of income)... Often a music career needs funding from another income source at first.

    These are all ways to get started in a career, and takes creative budgeting.

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