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Simplify Your Social Monitoring

No Comments 14 November 2012

Simplify Your Social Monitoring

Are you looking for easy ways to monitor social mentions of your brand, product or name? You can easily listen to what people are saying online on any topic you want to track.

In this article, I’ll discuss two real-time social analytics tools and how they can enhance your monitoring.

Get Real-Time Insight

Topsy is a search engine that gives real-time insight into online conversations.

It uses proprietary data-indexing technology to provide you with not only the most recent search results, but also the most relevant results based on the calculated social influence of the conversation.

One of the great features of using Topsy to search Twitter is that the URLs are automatically expanded when the search results are indexed.

What this means is that you can see which tweets are linking back to your website that you might not otherwise see.

You’ll also be able to view tweets about you that don’t tag your @handle.

Some of the topics that you’ll want to search for on Topsy are:

• Your name
• Your company/brand name
• Your product name(s)
• Your competition
• Your industry
• Your website URL(s) (leave off the “www”)
• Your email address
• Your employees’ names

Use Topsy not only to get a pulse on what people are saying about you online, but also to show you trending topics that would be good to add to your Netvibes dashboard.


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