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Skram bridges rhythm, harmony

No Comments 17 March 2016

Skram bridges rhythm, harmony

via Create Digital Music: Skram is the latest iOS app that claims to bridge fans curious about making music and expert producers, giving you “all you need” to make music on an iPad. So – what’s unique about this one versus everything else that claims to do that?

Well, first, there’s the team behind it: Liine are the folks behind the Lemur app and various other software, performance rig, and interactive installation projects. Second, while this initial release represents just a first step, there are already some amazing sounds coming out of the included instruments. And third, Skram builds on the work of other apps in the iOS scene to give you some unique ways to navigate the rhythms and harmonies used to generate patterns. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

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