Songle Visual Music Player

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Songle Visual Music Player

Songle, (pronounced Song-LEE) is a new and radical type of online music player/streamer out of Japan that hits many strong points in uniqueness, separating it from being “just another service that plays music you like.”

Just like the Tachyon app, visualizations accompanying the music are part of the initial appeal. Then on top of that, (as reported in Wired), for a service that only launched its first beta mode in February of this year, Songle packs a large capacity track library with “about 80,000 [searchable] songs so far.”

However, don’t think that Songle is out to just make the prettiest flying lights alongside that pop hit. The visuals users can view while listening are paired with information that can illuminate beat structure, melody and chord progressions.

As described on the “What is Songle?” portion of the website, the player uses what are described only as, “music understanding technologies” (when translated form Japanese to English) to analyze a song and deliver the primary aspects shown in playback. Of course, it’s not as if the creators of Songle at the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute are providing the master key to ripping off anyone’s composition. In fact, although it has reached public mode, Songle is still in development and furthermore, functions in a very Wiki-type manner; encouraging users to input new information on tracks they hear if the given sets of data are wrong.

“…you can then correct the existing annotations. …Songle accumulates everyone’s contributions, including yours, to gradually refine the annotations. So even correcting only one or a few errors makes all the difference. Songle was designed to involve everyone to annotate and enjoy music together.”

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