Sookbox: A Personal Cloud Without Barriers

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Sookbox: A Personal Cloud Without Barriers

An intriguing and somewhat contradictory device, the Sookbox, is one of those gadgets now dawning a CES table and it might just reshape one element of the web that was previously thought formless: the cloud.

Like many other CES newcomers, Sookbox put out a press release today, putting content users (which basically means everyone with a computer) on notice that Sookbox is determined to change how consumers view digital storage and retrieval of their various pockets of data. Stated straightforwardly on what are the beginnings of Sookbox’s official website, “Sookbox is power over your media: Play your videos, music and favorite apps on any television or stereo, all controlled from your handheld device.”

The founder of the LLC behind Sookbox is Dave Sukoff. His mission with the Sookbox, is to provide a single outlet for maintaining every type of media a person owns and being able to call that media up anytime, to the supplemental equipment best meant to use it. Topping everything off, the master device to handle navigating through everything is intended to be one’s own smart phone or tablet device:

“Movies should be watched on a TV, not a laptop. Music should be listened to through an amp and speakers, not computer speakers. And the remote control for everything should be your smartphone or tablet.”

Sookbox will bring the simultaneous offering of one place for content compilation (in other words, in “your” Sookbox”) and the assurance of retrieval for playback to the cloud and content universe. This might sound like a simple definition of the basic cloud concept but the differentiater for this company is its added emphasis on individual command over their material, elaborated on in the release. Two significant components include:

1) Integration of an “IP-addressable command server that hosts all media, connects to multiple devices and serves up content on [demand],” and…

2) A “Universal Connector” called the Stream Runner™, which “boasts 2-way communication, serving content from anywhere (including the “Personal Cloud” on a user’s Sookbox) to the desired output.”


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  1. Yvette Fitch says:

    Sookbox has just launched on Kickstarter!  Become a backer and one of the first to get a Sookbox!

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