Sostereo’s: 5 Things To Trying To Get Your Music Licensed

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Sostereo’s: 5 Things To Trying To Get Your Music Licensed

Magnetic has partnered up with Miami-based SoStereo, a cutting-edge music marketing company that is changing the way brands work with artists, labels, and publishers. SoStereo’s Industry Tips will be an ongoing editorial series where we provide practical industry advice for music industry professionals. We will cover a range of topics: from social media strategy; to getting your music heard; to creating a stronger brand. If it’s related to the business of music, we will cover it!

For this edition, the SoStereo team will break down some simple things you need to know when you are starting to think about taking your music out to get licensed for commercials, television, film, or other branded content.

Even with streaming recently reaching new heights for both streams and revenues, the working producers/musicians need every opportunity they can get to generate sales from recorded music and reach new fans. With the explosion of branded and narrative content across the web and cable networks, there is more opportunity than ever to get your music licensed and heard by a larger audience of potential new fans. Licensing your songs is becoming a powerful launching pad—to either start or grow a career in music.

In addition to the income generated from these types of placements, there is also the opportunity to grow your fanbase extremely rapidly via exposure to a lot of potential new fans.

The industry tale that best illustrates this is that of electronic music pioneer and rave culture superstar, Moby. After a rough patch in his career due to the ill-fated release of his punk rock album Animal Rights, he returned to his electronic roots with Play in 1999 hoping to win back his fans. The media largely ignored the album, and it looked like Moby was headed into a tailspin once again despite making a fantastic record.

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