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The Analog Girl Discusses App-Only ‘Vinyl’ Album

No Comments 4 November 2012

The Analog Girl Discusses App-Only ‘Vinyl’ Album

The ever-evolving music industry is pushing artists to use unconventional methods of promotion such as apps and functional merchandise, and now, music that is only available as an app.

Enter Delaware, a company that founded Re

Among the artists who’ve worked with Delaware is Singapore-based The Analog Girl, a.k.a. Mei Wong.

The Analog Girl has released music through a variety of mediums; her A/B EP, released by Delaware, is only available in app form. That’s right, you can’t buy those songs on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD, or vinyl, and you can’t even rip them off YouTube.

When emailed The Analog Girl about her decision to release the app through Delaware, she mentioned the app’s ability to evoke more of a physical presence than a regular digital track does:

“Releasing music as a standalone app makes me feel like I am releasing an actual record, as opposed to just tracks through iTunes. When you purchase the A/B EP app, you will see its record icon show up on the desktop of your device, so it is much like going into a record store and picking out a record. Releasing the A/B EP on Delaware Re

Like many artists, she puts a lot of thought into matching the visual and audio aspects of her work. Instead of relying on thumbnail-sized artwork accompaniments (or no artwork at all, in the case of some pirated songs), the nostalgia-inducing app has an interactive interface. You can move the playing arm to skip within the song and you can scratch by flicking the record with your finger.

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