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The many roads to an authentic vocal style

No Comments 9 February 2016

The many roads to an authentic vocal style

From deep-throated, battlefield rumbles to pure, soaring tenor lines, there are many different ways to be an effective singer with an authentic vocal style. Find the direction that works for you, your instrument, your band, and your music with advice from the Disc Makers Echoes blog.

Last December, my band Aurical performed at Lincoln Center in New York City. As both the keyboardist/pianist and one of the two lead singers in the group, I had a wonderful time playing for the hundreds of people in attendance. In particular, I had never before felt so comfortable expressing myself vocally on stage — and no small part of that comfort can be attributed to the lessons I learned from researching and writing vocal-centric articles for this blog site, including “How to deliver great rock vocals,” “More thoughts on delivering great rock vocals“, and “How to deliver great R&B vocals in the studio and on stage.” Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Michael Gallant, Disc Makers Echoes

Read more: Many Roads To An Authentic Vocal Style | Disc Makers Blog

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