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The past, and future, of Indie-Music

No Comments 1 May 2016

The past, and future, of Indie-Music

As Indie-Music officially passes the 20-year mark as an online presence dedicated to independent artists and the creative process, we recognize the importance of evolving with an ever-changing music industry and world. Over the years, we’ve tried new things, explored all types of ideas, and kept each other motivated by bringing it back to what it’s all about - the music and the wonderful artists who create it.

Quite simply, you INSPIRE us with your infinite well of uniqueness, musicianship, songwriting and optimism. We celebrate that, look forward to hearing from you, and shake our heads (often) in disbelief at the talent that is overwhelmingly good and EVERYWHERE. Our ability to reach musicians in every corner of the world has been such a joy to discover. When we started this crazy internet thing in 1996 (!), the novelty of being able to reach artists half a world away was such a a mind-blowing treat; so it’s certainly nice to know that the excitement of hearing a band from parts and countries unknown 20 years later is still just as palpable.

These are the things that drive us to continue on; but this journey is not without its challenges. And I’ll speak plainly, since we’re friends. Paul and I are exploring what the future of Indie-Music holds; what it should look like, how we want to move forward and how we can recapture our passion and inspiration as we continue on this road with you. So we’re taking a couple of sidetrips, which will result in a hiatus from bringing you original content and artist reviews for the next several months. This is not an end; it’s simply a means to an end for us to gain some perspective and act on some personal projects while we determine what Indie-Music’s roadmap will consist of in the future.

And so I’ll leave you with this: it has been a wild, life-altering and incredibly satisfying 20 years. Your support and continued celebration of independent music, songwriting and performance is important and necessary in a constantly evolving music business. We couldn’t have done ANY of this without you. We’ll continue to do some updates on our social media channels and the website, and we welcome your ideas as we consider how to best bring our talents to the independent music community.

Thank you - support your local music scene!

Heidi, Editor-in-chief

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