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Things I learned being a fan of David Bowie

No Comments 11 July 2016

Things I learned being a fan of David Bowie

From Chris Huff on Disc Makers Echoes: David Bowie had a genius that set him apart, but his musical and artistic career provides a bounty of lessons we can all learn from and apply to our creation of art and music – and to our everyday lives.

Just as a word of preface: if you’re familiar with the life, career, and music of David Bowie and he still does nothing for you, this brief article won’t be convincing. These “lessons” are not hard and fast rules, and the main lesson from his life and work is to forge and follow your own path, and not make your “thing” just a pale imitation of someone else! Much can be learned from studying a great artist and from using his/her ethos and methodology as inspiration for creating one’s own work. That’s something Bowie did, repeatedly, and to great success. Click on the link below to read more…

Author: Chris Huff, Disc Makers Echoes

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