Tonetic: Your Ringtone Creations

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Tonetic: Your Ringtone Creations

Depending on your phone’s built-in ringtones, your ringer may be a catchy tune or your eardrum’s kiss of death. If you don’t have the time or money to browse purchasable ringtones, there are applications available to help you create your own ringtone. The Tonetic app from Space Lama aims to make every ring or text-tone you use your own personalized favorite.

There are three options for creating this customizable ringtone available from the app’s main menu: Record, Music, and Keyboard. In the Record section, simply hit the center right button to begin recording the sounds and voices around you with the app’s built-in and optimally sensitive microphone. As you record, the length of time you’ve been recording will be tracked, and the voice volume will adjust in real-time. Hit the stop button whenever you are finished.

You may prefer to take an existing song from your iTunes library and shorten a certain part to make it into your new ringtone. When you click Music, your iTunes library will pull up and you can browse, search for, or select your favorite track from the list.

If you’re a musician, you can show off your new or favorite melody with every phone buzz by recording it via the app’s keyboard. After selecting Keyboard from the main menu, practice your melody on the double keyboard and then hit the red button to start recording. You can choose from an array of instrument sounds, including anything from bells and choirs to classical guitars and slap bass, and you can also toggle between octaves using the plus and minus buttons.

Working on a new song but can’t figure out the next part? Plug the written sections into your ringtone to have handy for inspiration on the go.

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