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What Can You Learn From a Band That’s Done Two Kickstarters?

No Comments 9 January 2013

What Can You Learn From a Band That’s Done Two Kickstarters?

The Gloria Darlings just completed their second Kickstarter campaign which raised $8,340. What can you learn from a band who’s done multiple Kickstarters?

Their Kickstarter Background

The Gloria Darlings are a Seattle-based female folk-grass duo.  In April of 2011 they launched their first Kickstarter that raised $4505 of their $4000 goal.

Their second Kickstarter, launched November of 2012, raised $8340 of an $8,000 goal.

Launch & Release interviewed lead singer/songwriter, Pandi to find out what changed for her second Kickstarter that almost doubled the amount raised.

What We Know About Their First Kickstarter
• 73 Backers with an average pledge per backer of $62
• Fundraiser pricing (CD is $30)

What We Know About Their Second Kickstarter
• 113 Backers with an average pledge per backer of $74
• $15 reward sold 30 compared to 3 for the first Kickstarter
• Fundraiser pricing (CD is $30)
• More mid level ($50-$250) reward sales
• Addition of $150 Lifetime Membership package (3 sold)
• Addition of “Haircut by Milly” for $120 (2 sold)
• Addition of high level reward (one $2000 reward sold)

Launch & Release’s Interview with Pandi

Levi: What specifically did you learn from your first Kickstarter and how are you incorporating that knowledge to conquer the current Kickstarter?

Pandi: From our first Kickstarter, we learned that our most popular reward item was pre-buys of the album [Levi-she calls them pre-buys, but at $30 for the CD, it’s fundraiser pricing. This was a great move.] so we really tried to direct specific traffic that way for this one.

During the whole Kickstarter campaign we did tons of radio in-studios, “these songs will be on the album please support the kickstarter” we also were on tour in CA and played 2 sets at most shows (the 1st was music thats on our old cd, the 2nd things that we recorded on the new album, instead of selling cds at our shows we told fans we’d take a risk and give them the old album for free if they took the flyer for Kickstarter that we’d made and vowed to pre-order the new album.

We attempted to play more “house shows” ($250) and compel folks in those audiences….”now you know us/who we are/what we do you can have this in your home, through Kickstarter”.

This time I also really studied other Kickstarters (we’re friends with Fruition- I see you interviewed them on your blog) , successes and failures…it totally HAS changed since last round.

Also now we are a bigger/better band and have bigger/better goals…we definitely had to consider that in the planning this time round.

Levi: How many people are on your mailing list and how have you been using it for your Kickstarter project?

Pandi: this one is tricky. Technically we have like 150 folks on our “old-school” mailing list. We use mailchimp and have that widget on our website for folks to subscribe geographically and get a free download in exchange for signing up.

As inside our kickstarter dashboard, and we learned from last time, the breakdown was really Facebook traffic.

Problem is: FACEBOOK for bands is very different now since last kickstarter. I could go off on this topic…but bascially it’s: We can no longer search our fans or message them (without paying to “promote”) Seriously ROUGH. Milly and I pride ourselves that we have never done a “fan drive” or junk like that and all of our likes have come from actual people who’ve heard us and are seeking us out.

We resorted to shifting through our individual friends on FB for fans/those that might be fans and messaging them. it was rough cause last Kickstart there were 3 people in the band. Now it’s just Milly and I…Our saving grace was that the band is so much better/nationally touring/has more fans/visibility now…

We also encouraged folks to Share…Share…Share on FB

One neat thing we did that gave a boost…was a “backers only” update about the new kickstart on the old kickstart.

We did a crazy-silly YouTube video update to draw attention:

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