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Worldwide iTunes Affiliate Links

No Comments 28 October 2012

Worldwide iTunes Affiliate Links

After a recent post about bypassing Twitter’s iTunes link jacking and other affiliate revenue tricks for musicians I heard from a number of companies relevant to musicians.

GeoRiot - Worldwide iTunes Links

Hypebot previously covered GeoRiot in a guest post by Tierney Stout of The Orchard. GeoRiot basically takes visitors from around the world to the correct iTunes store for their location when they click on your affiliate link to music on iTunes.

The basic idea is that you sign up for an iTunes affiliate program in your country or homebase and then connect that to GeoRiot. GeoRiot handles all redirects and you can then sign up for additional affiliate programs for other countries as you wish. Instead of charging you a fee GeoRiot gets paid by swapping out some of your links for their affiliate accounts with iTunes starting with countries with which you have not established an account. In addition, “if your account sees less than 100 clicks in a 24 hours, you will keep all of your clicks.”

If you’ve got an international fanbase (and you do cause you’re on the web, right?) you should definitely check out GeoRiot for iTunes affiliate sales. However, you should also be aware of Glnk, a free service developed by SoundCloud’s Lee Martin, previously discussed on Hypebot. It’s a bit more bare bones than GeoRiot and will only include the country codes you add so it’s not hard to make a case for GeoRiot despite Glnk’s free pricing.

VigLink - Turn Product References into Affiliate Links

VigLink is a great tool for musicians who produce a lot of blog content that refers to music, books and other stuff sold online. VigLink basically takes their relationships with over 30,000 companies and uses that info to turn your product links and even your references to products into monetizable links through affiliate programs. They do this without requiring you to join any of those programs and take a 25% cut for the service.

VigLink recently connected with GeoRiot to internationalize iTunes links and they really prove the value of GeoRiot. VigLink would be especially useful for music bloggers and sites promoting a wide range of musicians.

On that note, I’ve also written about Mixeeba which takes a similar approach to affiliate programs but focuses only on music links to Juno Records, iTunes and Amazon while taking only 10% of affiliate revenue.

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