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YouTube Free ‘Creator Playbook’

No Comments 9 October 2012

YouTube Free ‘Creator Playbook’

Despite being a powerhouse in delivering the world’s visual and audio content, YouTube still goes underutilized by a number of artists and music professionals. It’s not that their content isn’t on the platform; instead most are not taking the time to learn how to effectively navigate its inner workings in order to ensure their content is best optimized for views and shares. Recognizing this, YouTube has provided an official “Creator Playbook” that outlines exactly how to effectively utilize the platform.

The YouTube Creator Playbook is a free eBook that hopes to make life a bit easier for those looking to make the most out of the platform.

It includes tips like getting more people to watch your videos and channel, how to cross promote and collaborate with other artists, and content basics like metadata, thumbnails, playlists and channel pages. It also contains information about using YouTube analytics to understand how your content is being viewed along with strategies for building your audience and engagements.

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