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Reviews: J P Jones ~ Life and Death
Posted on Wednesday, September 03, 2003 @ 02:42:11 UTC
Topic: Reviews

Artist: J P Jones

CD: Life and Death

Home: Rhode Island

Style: Folk/Rock

Quote: "In short, this is simply an excellent CD".

By Les Reynolds

J P Jones has released his umpteenth album and STILL has plenty to say and interesting ways of saying it. Nothing ever gets old with this guy.

J P has recorded 11 new original tunes for the Vision Company CD, each one excellent. His band, Rite Tite, is also quite talented: electric guitarist Mike Barrette, drummers Dave Lang and Matt Niebels, bassist Kurt Meyer, keyboardist Donn Watson and violinist Louise Muller.

As noted, the veteran artist has plenty to talk about and a knack for getting your attention. He sings a bit like Dylan and Mark Knopfler combined and writes like, well, J P Jones.

The CD opens with "Cum a Live," a tune about thinking for yourself and living with purpose and intent, fully awake. It features Donn's rolling piano and some softly screaming guitar from Michael.

That's followed by "The King is Dead," which features some shimmering, flowing electric guitar and Louise's violin.

You begin seeing a theme with the third song, "What in God's Name," which basically says that doing anything in God's name automatically makes it right regardless of what the individual thinks or knows is right.

There are other references to this same basic idea, but a nod to the lyrics is in order now on a serious, yet simultaneously tongue-in-cheek tune called "The Last Song." Folksy acoustic strumming carries this tune about the famous "famous last words." He writes:

"Well I came home today
In the usual way
Just by rolling out of the bed
And I read what I wrote
To myself in a note
And here is all that it said

This is the last song
I ever will write
I'm so bored stiff with myself
But here's a dollar that says
Every one of my friends
Will all beg me to write
something else

So lend me some cash
And pass me the glass
And where can I crash for the while
My fifth string is broke
And I promise I won't
Keep anyone up with my singin..."

(We'll save the rest -- just know it's really, really good!)

There is just one song that rocks pretty hard. "Killer Instinct," is easy to understand -- the me, me, me get to the top at all costs attitude exhibited by too many people. The instrumentation is strong and punctuated by Louise's rockin' violin. (She's a real plus for this group and the CD. Rock it girl!)

The best was saved for last. "When That Change Finally Comes" is inspired and inspiring, a joyful soft rocker with the band coming just short of letting out all the stops. Louise, once more, threads some wicked violin work around the lyrics while Donn's whirring keys give it a foundation.

"Well, we're looking for it
On the outside
While we're working on it
on the inside
Till that critical mass is
Reached and we all decide
When that change finally comes...

...Come on down from that
Precipice, please
Come on down before you
Skin your knees
Everything is gonna be all right
All right, I swear by geez
When that change
Finally comes."

In short, this is simply an excellent CD.

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