Santa Cruz Guitar Photo Journal: Building the Guitar You'll Keep
Date: Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 09:50:41 UTC

The company's first guitar was a dreadnought, a large guitar with a deep body and square shoulders. Nothing unusual about that: Dreadnoughts had been popular since C.F. Martin introduced them 60 years earlier. What made the guitar unusual was it was made of koa, a wood native to Hawaii. Why koa? Because it wasn’t mahogany. Hoover preferred the sound of mahogany, but many considered it unworthy of high-end guitars. "Rightly or wrongly, it was the blue-collar sister to rosewood," Hoover said. "Koa offered the same sound quality as mahogany but wasn’t considered an 'inexpensive' or 'cheap' tonewood." That may be, but guitarists are a picky lot, especially when it comes to matters of tone. There wasn’t a whole lot of interest in what Hoover's crew was doing, or what it was selling. And then Eric Clapton called. Complete Article

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