Business Matters: Surprise, Music Sales Continue to Improve
Date: Thursday, May 05, 2011 @ 09:47:25 UTC

Here's the latest on the surprisingly strong recorded music sales of 2011. Through May 1, track sales are up 8%, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Current tracks are up 10% and catalog tracks are up 7% during that time. Through February 27, tracks were up 6% year over year. And keep in mind that track sales were up 1% in all of 2010. Although sales momentum picked up in the fourth quarter, it looked like tracks were reaching a plateau after many years of growth. Albums have also picked up the pace. Digital albums are up 16% through May 1. They were up just 10% through March 6 and rose 13% in 2010. Total album sales are down 2% through May 1. At the same point last year, album sales were down 10%, and they finished the year down 13%. Complete Article

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