How to Get Your Songs Heard By the Film Industry
Date: Thursday, May 05, 2011 @ 10:29:07 UTC

When asked how music supervisors find their music, the panel seemed to be excited and timid in equal measure, as if the key to their success was about to be exposed or courageously introduced to the public. Jim spoke first, saying "I send out a music search", while Marcy went a bit further in depth, "I go to production companies, and love to find young composers who want to get in on it." Alethia Austin, supervisor for The Cursed replied, "[I prefer] Indie artists. I like to look to them to be our music supervisors. [Indie artists] have the opportunity to set the tone and mood for a project. We like to be appealed to. I also like to receive physical copies when Iím being pitched to." Complete Article

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