Dying of Curiosity? More iCloud Details Emerge
Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 @ 22:02:31 UTC

Apple has the ability to give users access to the entirity of their iTunes Music accounts. About two years ago, I accidentally deleted my entire iTunes music library. After contacting Apple, I was granted the opportunity to download every song or music video I had ever purchased from the iTunes Music Store in one gigantic download. Every song, free single of the week and special edition iTunes bonus track that I had ever purchased was given back to me. Frankly, if Apple could offer that kind of access from a web browser, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, we think the company could be onto something. Music lockers are a good idea but are often marred by the reality that uploading every album you have to the cloud is a long, unpleasant process. If Apple wanted to sweeten the pot even more, it could make iTunes playlists syncable with the cloud and even sharable, Spotify style, with friends. Complete Article

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