Jobs Announces Apple's iCloud, iMatch
Date: Monday, June 06, 2011 @ 15:56:13 UTC

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced an online cloud storage service called iCloud that's designed to make it simple to wirelessly share music, e-mail, photos, calendars, and other data between handheld gadgets and desktop computers. Music is singled out for special restrictions. Apple says that only music bought "from iTunes" can be transferred to the cloud and shared with other devices. Apple's answer to that is "iTunes Match," which allows users to store their "entire collection," including music ripped from CDs, on iCloud servers for $24.99 a year. It works by analyzing songs in your collection, comparing them against the 18 million songs in the iTunes Store, and then making those available immediately at 256 kbps, even if the originals were lower quality. Complete Article

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