Singer/Songwriter Matt Litty is 'Steppin Out' With a New CD
Date: Monday, June 13, 2011 @ 13:37:06 UTC

Singer/songwriter Matt Litty has an affinity for the straight talk and honest messages of traditional country music, but he's also a fan of contemporary musicianship and sensibility. A native of Wisconsin, his introduction to country music came through hearing such greats as Johnny Cash on record. With his strong, energetic and passionate sound, these tunes effectively illustrate Litty's knowledge of country roots and history.

"Matt Litty has an amazing voice and a great CD. He reminds me of a younger me" - 'Urban Cowboy' Johnny Lee

"I've always been drawn to country because it's an art form that encourages real messages and from the heart singing. I don't worry about labels so much as I do communication and trying to write and sing in a manner that's reflective of what I really feel about things. I think there's an audience out there for music that's straightforward, doesn't have any pretensions and comes from the heart."


-- Litty has shared the stage with such Country veterans as: Johnnie Lee and Doug Stone
-- Featured on the backcover of "Country Weekly" magazine, June 2011
-- Debut Project: "Unsung Heros", 2010
-- Ne Release: "Steppin Out", 2011


1. I Can't Get My Truck to Go Home At Night
2. Right Now
3. Fallin In & Crawlin Out of Love
4. Ride Out the Storm
5. Let Go
6. It's A Girl Thing
7. Father and Son
8. I Don't Want to Need You
9. Sleepin Beauty
10. Faster Than the Speed of Love
11. All the Days of My Life
12. Folson Prison Blues

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