Radio Stations Go Back to the Future
Date: Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 11:57:15 UTC

In Pandora's shadow, terrestrial radio stations might seem destined for oblivion, especially the listener-supported public stations that specialize in niche markets like classical music and jazz. But in fact, two of the area's top purveyors in these genres - the all-classical WQXR and all-jazz WBGO - are embracing digital tools to position themselves as thriving multi-platform hubs. Even as the jazz and classical music industries face their own troubles with record sales and concert attendance, the stations that distribute the music are poised for a renaissance, fueled by live-streamed performances, HD broadcasting, social media and mobile applications. And it's not a moment too soon: As jazz and classical are increasingly abandoned by commercial radio, embracing digitization supports the music and expands their artistic communities. Complete Article

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