Book Review: Guerrilla Music Marketing Online (Bob Baker)
Date: Saturday, July 16, 2011 @ 21:12:07 UTC is celebrating our 15th year online in 2011, and Bob Baker and his "Buzz Factor" ezine have been around even longer than that. He was writing books and web articles way back when the internet was in its infancy. His book Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook has been an indie best seller for years, and now he has published Guerrilla Music Marketing Online: 129 Free & Low-Cost Strategies to Promote & Sell Your Music on the Internet. It should be noted that Baker is from St. Louis and has a background as a musician and music journalist prior to writing his books and consulting as a marketing guru.

One of Baker's strong points as a writer and marketing guide is his conversational style, which easily guides us though non-intimidating methods. It's built from the ground up, and it presents rational examples for real life musicians to follow. With Baker's guerrilla techniques, you don't need to hire a high-dollar publicist or promoter. Instead, you get your hands dirty and run your own small business marketing your music.

There's plenty of ideas you can try immediately, and with 129 total "tips", you can stay busy for a long time building and expanding your empire. Even though I've been running for 15 years, I still learned from Guerrilla Music Marketing Online. Some ideas were reminders of things I already knew, but had not been using effectively. Other ideas were totally new, even to me. The bottom line is, this book will give you ideas, inspiration, and fuel to kick your music marketing up several notches.

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