Bach's Cantata 147 Played By a Wooden Ball Rolling Down a Track in a Forest (Video)
Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 @ 20:49:36 UTC

A wooden ball plays Bach's Cantata 147 in a forest just by rolling down a track. The sound you hear is the sound that was recorded during filming. No CGI or video magic. This is the actual music played by a contraption that Rube Goldberg or any musician would be proud of. Designed by Kenjiro Matsuo. PS: The wood used was made from trees already fallen, they were not chopped down. Music by Johann Sebastian Bach: "Cantata 147" - Angle: 12 degrees - Xylophone bars: 413 - Length: 144 feet (44 m) - Prototypes: 24 - Takes: 49. Website

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