Radical.FM Lets You Run a Radio Station on Facebook
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 @ 23:19:34 UTC

Radical.FM, Inc. announced that it has integrated its streaming music services Radical.FM and Radical Indie with Facebook. Radical combines passive Stations (like Pandora), active Playlists (like Spotify & Rhapsody), and social RadCast (like Turntable.FM). Listeners can now take advantage of auto-logins via Facebook as well as sharing their RadCasts with their Facebook friends. Patent-pending RadCast makes every listener the owner of a broadcast radio station and permits personal music streams to be shared in real-time. The soon-to-be-released DeeJay function will allow a user to speak to all who are listening to their RadCasts. Facebook integration makes finding an audience for RadCasting a one-touch operation and is available immediately on Radical's beta web-based player; development for mobile devices is underway. Sign up for the free public beta. Website

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