Annavox ~ All Day Breathing
Date: Friday, September 06, 2002 @ 03:14:24 UTC

Artist: Annavox

CD: All Day Breathing (12 Madrid Records)

Home: Portland, Oregon

Quote: "Together, they’ve created a gorgeous debut CD".

By Jennifer Layton

Annavox is David Gerritsen on acoustic guitar, Anna Fritz on cello (right away, I knew I had to hear this), and David Waingarten on electric guitar. Each member also sings, trading the lead vocal spot with each new track. Together, they’ve created a gorgeous debut CD.

Some of these tracks, like “Radius,” “Skin,” and “Teaching Culture,” are what you would imagine from this combination of instruments. Contemplative and dreamy. The music feels like dancing through a castle while sunlight pours in through the windows. The mood is especially blissful when one of the male vocalists – the press kit doesn’t say which one – leads with his sweet falsetto voice, perfectly dropping each syllable, like he’s singing right into my ear.

The other two voices complement his well. The other male voice is more assertive and soulful, and Anna’s is downright earthy. In the more conventional folk/rock song “Before You Call,” her lyrics of turmoil and deep voice are a shake back to the present, keeping one foot in reality:

I know myself so well,
I build you up and tear you down
before you even call.
So if I’m awkward on the phone,
if I throw too much your way,
I hope you laugh it off.
I hope that you will stay.
I tell you once again,
I’m crazy.

I think the numbering on the CD cover is off – Track #6 is labeled as “Not Me,” but the lyrics sound like they belong to the previous track, “Teaching Culture.” Whichever it is, track #6 is a standout for its change of mood. This is orchestral rock. The music feels dangerous, and the lyrics are relentlessly truthful. There’s also a change on “xmas,” which feels like a classical pop experiment. Everything works. I’ve never heard a sound like this. The beat comes naturally, even without a percussionist.

The thread tying these songs together is the feeling that that Annavox is trying to get us to listen in between the notes for something beyond the sound. You’ll hear your own memories. You’ll close your eyes and not be sure of where you’ll be when you open them. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

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