The Reason Why ~ Live and Pushing String
Date: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 @ 03:40:22 UTC

Artist: The Reason Why

CD: Live and Pushing String

Home: London, England

Style: Acoustic Singer/ Songwriter Duo

Quote: "This is flat-out charming".

By Jennifer Layton

This is flat-out charming. Just a couple of guys with guitars and a knack for writing simple songs laced with self-effacing humor.

The Reason Why are John Fallon and Mike Ferguson, two regular-sounding guys who recorded these tracks live at the Virtually Acoustic Club in London. They introduce themselves in the first song with a very funny mix of bravado and humor, basically announcing that they're about to start singing and pleading with the audience to set aside their busy schedules and listen. Not a bad approach to self-promotion.

Excellent job on the recording – I'm not sure if kudos go to the guys or to the Virtually Acoustic Club, but someone was putting in overtime to make the sound perfectly sharp and balanced. Everyone just sounds like they're having a good time. Fallon and Ferguson complement each other as vocalists and guitarists and definitely do not take themselves too seriously.

I particularly liked "Monday Week," a song about the fizzling long-distance relationship of a college student who has known his girlfriend since fifth form at school:

The first thing you ask me when I arrive
is when will I be leaving.
You look like you've brought enough to stay for a month,
Well, looks can be deceiving...

I recommend this CD to my fellow Yanks. It's so cool to experience an evening in London while in your own home. Especially since the whole evening is free – you can just download it from their web site. Buy some British ale, kick back and enjoy the music, and then please e-mail me and tell me what "fifth form at school" means.

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