Genevieve ~ This Little Thing Called Life
Date: Saturday, December 03, 2005 @ 07:19:12 UTC

Artist: Genevieve

CD: This Little Thing Called Life

Home: Los Angeles, California

Style: Pop Vocal

Quote: "Genevieve has the talent to make it nationally; now she just needs a break."

By Dan MacIntosh

It's a bit premature for Genevieve to refer to herself by only a first name this early in her career. Most stars must earn such a surname subtraction with a few chart hits, first. If Genevieve eventually attains such success, however, her songs will most likely be found on adult contemporary radio because her music is mostly pretty and soft.

Although her voice comes off slightly urgent --in a Tori Amos way during “There’s No Place” -- Genevieve is by no means an angry young woman. Rather, she is sometimes sad, yet mostly quietly confident for the most part. These eleven songs are mainly piano ballads, which feature the vocalist’s formal singing. Nevertheless, she also reaches for a restrained soulfulness during “My Albatross” and “So Good For Me”

Genevieve wrote or co-wrote all of these songs. Mostly, these are strong compositions. The only problematic track is “I Left The Light On,” which comes off just a little too much like a Motel 6 commercial.

Genevieve has a strong voice, and this recording is professionally produced. A little aural variety, with a few differing rhythms and some instrumental variety, however, would have made it even better still. Genevieve has the talent to make it nationally; now she just needs a break.

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