Chris Brown ~ Now That You're Fed
Date: Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 06:05:34 UTC

Artist: Chris Brown

CD: Now That You're Fed

Home: San Francisco, California

Style: Power Pop

Quote: "Thickly layered harmony is the backbone of this CD, and it is good stuff."

By Catherine L. Tully

Thickly layered harmony is the backbone of this CD, and it is good stuff. Tracks like "Waiting For Caroline" call forth some Beach Boy comparisons, but I almost harken back to the most melodic Queen songs of old. Packaged with a fresh new vibe instead of merely imitating what worked before, you can't call this guy a copycat, even if you do hear a little bit of the good stuff you have heard before. The music is nice, easy on the ears, yet entertaining and clever all at the same time.

Here and there is a smattering of pre-psychedelic Beatles, but this is more grown up music. The lyrics are fun and often rhyme, but without forcing it, giving both a flow and catchy sound. My personal favorite is track 5, "In The Kitchen," which is a velvety ride on some terrific rhythms. No matter what you are doing while listening, you just have to groove with it!

The music is well executed, but the real winners here are the seamless harmonies and witty lyrics that just seem to roll off the tongue, such as this:

You have no right to sneeze
at vice principalities
or even Carol's lack of ease
with liars like you
liars like me ...

The arrangement of the tracks on this CD is very well thought out, so it is a good listen start to finish. Very enjoyable.

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