Buick Audra ~ Rose Ink
Date: Saturday, February 03, 2007 @ 13:43:55 UTC

Artist: Buick Audra

CD: Rose Ink

Home: Brooklyn, New York

Style: Indie Folk/Rock

Quote: "There’s a soul full of artistic passion behind this voice."

By Jennifer Layton

I love the kinds of singing voices that have split personalities. On one song, the voice can delicately breathe out a ballad that just envelops you in warm velvet. On the next, the singer kicks some power into it, and that same crystalline voice sounds gutsy and bold enough to front a raging rock band.

Brooklyn girl Buick Audra has that kind of voice. Rose Ink features just her and her guitar, with the more delicate and childlike side of her voice on display. But there’s a steel spine underneath the vocal, along with her intensive, deliberate style of guitar strumming, that tells me this singer could take the mic and belt out a rocker that would knock Axl Rose right off the stage headfirst into the orchestra pit.

I’m not complaining about the restraint shown here. This album is perfect. I can wait for the next album to hear the full-throttle rock. In the meantime, just the guitar accompaniment gives Ms. Audra a chance to show us the range of that lovely voice. It’s easy to get lost in the sound, but it’s worth it to pull back and listen to the poetic questions in her lyrics. From “To Be an Airplane”:

Does every color have a first time
or do we know them when they meet our eyes?
If I have memories in all white
do they mean more or less to my life?

“Third Position” is a collection of daydreams, snippets of conversation, and city sounds. The standout is the opening track, “The Worst of Me,” which opens with great lines about never being able to start over with someone:

I can’t ask for your forgiveness,
You’re never gonna see the good in me
There’s a filter when you look my way
Between who I really am and what you see ...

There’s a soul full of artistic passion behind this voice. The CD design is elegantly simple, and the bio sheet says she also has a career as a couture designer for celebrities including Joss Stone, Alison Krauss, and Guns and Roses. If she ever gets a visit from Aerosmith, maybe she could do their design work in exchange for their musical accompaniment on her next album. I’d be willing to do the negotiating. Seriously. Call me.

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