Alex Kash ~ Organic Alchemy
Date: Saturday, April 07, 2007 @ 08:24:36 UTC

Artist: Alex Kash

CD: Organic Alchemy

Home: Lake Worth, Florida

Style: Singer/Songwriter

Quote: "Alex Kash is a skilled guitar player with warm vocals."

By Charles Martin

Good art needs a hefty chip on its shoulder. Without that chip, it’s little more than just a vanity craft. Alex Kash is a skilled guitar player with warm vocals, but his music lacks teeth.

It’s a shame, because his solo album Organic Alchemy displays his adept control of the unwieldy 12 string acoustic guitar. The songs retain solid structure, the lyrical cadence follows a poetic dynamic, but the utopian, granola feel of the music is out of place in the modern world. It might resonate in a coffee house, but there aren’t that many other places that the tone of the music remains vital.

“Cool Seven” has beat poet, speak/sing vocals over quick, anxious strumming. The contrast is interesting, with his relaxed vocals being nudged along by his energetic guitar. It settles nicely amidst the Caribbean, folk and soft blues tracks in the rest of the album.

Perhaps the problem is that Kash has settled into a happy place in his life, but happiness lacks conflict, and only conflict can breed good music. Now, not every musician should take up a smack habit just for source material, but if Kash wants to win over listeners, he’s going to have to start writing outside of his current existence. He needs to find the stories and the ideas that scare him, and explore the light and dark moments of life that led him to the contented life he now knows.

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