Lee Rogers ~ Drawing Clocks
Date: Sunday, October 07, 2007 @ 23:15:09 UTC

Artist: Lee Rogers

CD: Drawing Clocks

Home: Belfast, Ireland

Style: Pop/Rock

Quote: "Mellow and wholly enjoyable are the only other words to describe Drawing Clocks."

By Derek Blackmon

I’ve always been under the impression the British press were on top of the situation until Lee Rogers’ Drawing Clocks made it into my hands. The Belfast musician has released one of the most interesting and beautiful albums that you haven’t heard. His sound comes from almost every corner of the pop world and doesn’t seem to rest in any of them.

From the opening “Brian Writes Poetry” to the closer “Long Gone Days,” there is something for everyone. Van Morrison, Sting and Joni Mitchell’s lyrics are laid out and performed to perfection for our enjoyment.

The production quality is top notch, and the musicianship is unrivalled. I would love to compare the persuasive vocals to James Blunt, but that would ultimately be a disservice to Rogers, who doesn’t need the campy falsetto or unnecessary commercialism to achieve mass appeal. Don’t believe me? Try not to enjoy the respective love and sadness of “Nevermind” and “Easier.”

Mellow and wholly enjoyable are the only other words to describe Drawing Clocks. There is little missing here except the promise of a follow up to ensure this is no accident. Lee Rogers could be the next great singer you hear on your favorite medical drama, but for the sake of overkill, let’s hope not.

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