Pauline Kyllonen ~ Self-Titled
Date: Monday, February 09, 2009 @ 22:23:14 UTC

Artist: Pauline Kyllonen

CD: Self-Titled

Home: British Columbia, Canada

Style: Folk, Americana, Country

Quote: "Think a cleaner, less fussy version of Lucinda Williams and you'll be on the right track."

By Nancy Dunham

Pauline Kyllonen may hail from Canada, but her sound is right out of Nashville, or Texas, or maybe Arizona. Suffice to say she's got the Folk/Americana/Country sound down pat and has the talent to make the most of it.

What sets Kyllonen apart from others is the simplicity with which she showcases the music. Her strong yet wistful voice is the main instrument on these tracks, never overwhelmed by complex instrumentation or too slick production. Think of a cleaner, less fussy musical version of Lucinda Williams and you'll be on the right track.

The pity is that the four tunes on this CD are over much too soon.

Not surprising, the lead tune "Unlucky" has gotten some critical attention. Imagine it as a rocked up, harder edged version of early Reba or maybe even Suzy Bogguss. Without question, Kyllonen has the voice to carry the strong song and catchy "no luck at all" chorus.

"Rainbow Cafe" is straight out of a small Nashville roadhouse; straight country complete with steel guitar and a haunting tale of despair. Yet Kyllonen pulls it off without going into the cornball alley where many balladeers languish. The same can be said of the love song "Like A River."

"Wasn't Thinking About You" is a down tempo, percussion heavy tune that just begs for a contemplative listener.

Come on, Pauline. Think about us. We definitely need more of your sound in our lives.

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