Privies ~ You Have the Right!
Date: Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 12:12:08 UTC

Artist: Privies

CD: You Have the Right!

Home: San Francisco, California

Style: Rock

Quote: "Privies are a tight rock band that creates some inventive rock & roll."

By Dan MacIntosh

Whatís in a name? Well, sometimes less than you might think. The band name Privies sounds like a New Wave rock band from the early 80s. The group is even pictured on its CD artwork in a color coordinated black, white and red motif. And while this 11-song disc has a few clipped electric guitar tunes, it also has songs such as "What," which sound more like grunge.

Except for the second track in, "She Rocks," every song on the disc has a one word title. These names are more like hints than descriptions, however. One called "Bliss" takes a sarcastic look at marriage, and even includes an electric guitar reading of the wedding march for its intro.

Leo Stone is Priviesí primary vocalist, although heís also backed by a female vocalist on occasion. Perhaps this is the drummer Cheryl Van Brunt, who goes un-credited for these singing contributions. She may also be the angry girlfriend/wife that exclaims, "Youíre always wasted, and Iím sick of it!" to introduce "Loser." Stone is an expressive singer, who takes center stage throughout this release. For example, his voice is perfectly suited to describe the evil character spoken of with "Rider." "Rider" could very well be describing The Grim Reaper, as this bad dude -- we're told -- will take you through the gates of hell. Stone is also good at exemplifying the lecherousness of the very sexual song, "Desire."

Stoneís singing wouldnít be nearly as effective without Johnny Tís thick and powerful guitar lines. "Loser" is a good example of the blues-influenced rock Privies excel at. The music may be riff-heavy, but the band doesnít ever veer into heavy metal territory. One called "Darkness" lightens the feel considerably, ironically. On it, the guitars are far less jagged, and Stoneís singing is melodic and nearly pretty. Eventually, however, Johnny T lets loose on a few Jimi Hendrix-inspired lead lines.

The CD cover features an animated picture of a cute woman being arrested, leaning over a police car. The back cover also has a photo of three squad cars lined up along a street. These images suggest something political, but the songs never support such a contention. Maybe itís just me, but when the artwork suggests one thing, but the music says something different, that sort of bugs me. If you can get past the confusing album images, however, Privies are a tight rock band that creates some inventive rock & roll.

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