Jennings ~ Femtastic
Date: Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 12:19:27 UTC

Artist: Jennings

CD: Femtastic

Home: New York City

Style: Smart Pop

Quote: "Jennings is a ballsy diva."

By Dan MacIntosh

Jennings is a ballsy diva who sings dance-rock songs with lyrics like, "each tear that falls hits harder than the one before." She writes lyrics that simply stop you in your tracks and keep you coming back for more of Femtastic.

The first great couplet is found within the track from the title track. Jennings whines a bit: "You claim Iím dramatic, Iím not made of plastic, Iím just damn femtastic." These are sentiments that might have come off as too in-your-face, perhaps, in the wrong hands. But Jennings is merely having fun with her aggressive femininity.

Itís also hard not to grin when Jennings suggests, "You can play Thelma while I play Louise" during the keyboard driven rock song, "Do Or Die." But "Make Believe" deserves to be a big hit; if not by Jennings, for somebody. If youíve got any heart at all, its lines ought to bring a tear or two to your eyes: "Weíll make believe weíre dancing as we push and fight, weíll make believe these bruises are from the love we made last night." One can just picture a woman who is deep in denial, trying to make an unworkable relationship work. This tragic woman will go to almost any length to keep this partnership together. "Iíll take the blame again and pretend itís me not you, when every day a piece of me dies from every word and fist you threw." Sadly, this is the sort of faux love story lived out in bedrooms of suburbia everywhere. Hopefully, this meaningful song will prompt some poor victim somewhere to say enoughís enough.

"Pretty Janey" could well be the very victim sung about in "Make Believe." Over a rolling piano line, Jennings sings: "Pretty Janey smiles a secret smile, she fools us all by living in denial, no one saw the pain that lived inside."

If youíre looking for happy endings, donít look for them on Femtastic. Jennings closes her CD with "Two Bullets," which suggests that even ill-fated love dies hard. "Well you better have two bullets in that gun, for this loveís an undying one." The woman in this song hasnít lost faith, but the man has completely given up. But it just doesnít make sense to her. "Rationality has flown with reason by its side," she sings as she watches a good thing going bad.

This disc contains a whole slew of good things gone bad. But sometimes a world of bad things can add up to great art, which has certainly happened here.

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