Stephen Hedley ~ Scenes
Date: Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 12:31:06 UTC

Artist: Stephen Hedley

CD: Scenes

Home: Vancouver, British Columbia

Style: Pop

Quote: "I can sum up Scenes by Stephen Hedley in two words: perfect pop."

By Kate Goldsmith

I can sum up Scenes by Stephen Hedley in two words: perfect pop.

First and foremost, thereís Hedley, a Canadian singer-songwriter gifted with a fluid, sonorous tenor and savvy composing skills. He and co-producer/engineer Aaron MacDonald make all the right moves on Scenes, creating dynamic soundscapes and paying homage to diverse musical influences while sounding fresh.

Thereís a lot going on here without becoming congested. Sophisticated instrumental and vocal layers ebb and flow organically. Although there isnít a weak track on the disc, my top pick is "Yellow Dog," with its powerful, ascending chorus. Other favorites include the mesmerizing "Downtown" and the plaintive "Lisa."

Pop is sometimes equated with fluff, but thatís definitely not the case here. Scenes presents talented, sensitive musicians performing well-crafted songs that are given the polish to make them shine by producers Hedley and MacDonald. A winner in every way.

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