Company Of Thieves ~ Ordinary Riches
Date: Saturday, June 06, 2009 @ 18:20:46 UTC

Artist: Company Of Thieves

CD: Ordinary Riches

Home: Chicago, Illinois

Style: Alt Rock

Quote: "Ordinary Riches reveals a lot of natural charm."

By Dan MacIntosh

This CD takes its title from an Oscar Wilde quote. "Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you." In fact, this CD has one song simply titled "Oscar Wilde." This three-piece band seems to have borrowed the serious artistic side of Wilde.

Company Of Thieves is a difficult band to describe. Theyíre led by Genevieve Schatz, who is a talented and inventive singer. At times, especially during the chorus to "Oscar Wilde," she sounds a little like Bjork back in her Sugarcubes days.

While not as funny as Wilde, Company Of Thieves can certainly be quirky. This CD ends with "New Letters," where Schatz begins its lyric with, "I fell in love when you were brushing your teeth over my kitchen sink." Granted, we all have a lot more respect for the people in our lives that brush their teeth regularly. But thereís just nothing at all romantic about watching somebody apply Crest to their molars, incisors, and such. But seriously, one is left with the impression that his relationship wasnít as easy as, say, cleaning dinner off oneís choppers. She ends the track by pleading, "Letís all get together and start a cure, letís all get together and start over."

Schatz not only reads old writers, such as Wilde, but she also writes and reads letters, which is somewhat of a lost art nowadays. The group closes its disc with "New Letters" but opens with one called "Old Letters." "I went sifting through old letters," Schatz announces, "Just to find your number written on a page."

Appreciating Company Of Thieves can be a little like adjusting to one of those PBS period piece dramas because it looks and feels like something from the distant past. Yet once you get past the accents, so to speak, and old school customs, Ordinary Riches reveals a lot of natural charm.

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