Humboldt Lagoon ~ Self-Titled EP
Date: Saturday, June 06, 2009 @ 18:28:21 UTC

Artist: Humboldt Lagoon

CD: Self-Titled EP

Home: Chicago, Illinois

Style: Instrumental

Quote: "If these three songs are any indication, the brothers still have plenty of new musical worlds to discover together."

By Dan MacIntosh

Humboldt Lagoon is the musical partnership of brothers Erik and Dickie LaVergne. But like The Ramones of old, these two siblings also have band-related stage names -- Erik LaGoon and Dickie LaGoon, respectively. This EP is comprised of three relatively short instrumentals. Erik is listed as playing guitar, drums, "pseudo" horns, and synthesizer, while Dickie mainly contributes bass. Together, they have come up with a lot of easy on the ears sounds.

This brief release contains just three tracks, although the act’s MySpace site contains considerably more examples of what they can do. You really ought to check out the other music on their site. Opener "Playa Langosta," begins with keyboard, which is followed by drums before echoing guitar enters into the mix. Next up, "Holy City," is based on an electric guitar riff. It also has a bit of Jimi Hendrix’s "Foxy Lady" running through its single note insertions. Eventually, the tune goes into a slower, more majestic sound toward track’s end. This short disc concludes with "Rookie of the Year," which has a jazzy riff that combines a horn section (presumably these are the pseudo horns) with electric guitar.

According to its MySpace site, "Humboldt Lagoon is also available to create music for film and video artists as well as session work." And it’s easy to imagine this duo’s music fitting onto movie soundtracks. The act is inventive and playful, but also deadly accurate when it comes to creating inviting sounds. With Humboldt Lagoon, Erik and Dickie have created a hideaway where the imagination can run wild. And if these three songs are any indication, the brothers still have plenty of new musical worlds to discover together. Go ahead and set sail, boys.

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